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Music scene
  • The voice of China is a male singer from Inner Mongolia
    In 2012, Yun Jie participated in The Voice of China. As a participant, he sang Paradise, a song of T...
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  • "Hey, sing it! Actual strength idol holds the floret Dan concurrently
    In 2018, when participating in the popular show Sound of My Dream, he successfully challenged four d...
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  • Original musician in walnut, the first place in the cloud singing area of 2017 "...
    In 2012, he won the championship of "Believe in Yourself" Infinite Original Competition hosted by QQ...
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  • "Earthsound war" season 2 contestant, challenge fei yuqing success; Walnut flowe...
    A video in TopBuzz with more than 580,000 clicks brought tremendous popularity to her. Her cove...
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